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About Hikma

Hikma Health was founded on the principle that every patient deserves personalized care, no matter where they are. We are a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a global mission. We currently partner with nonprofit organizations providing free healthcare to the millions of refugees from the ongoing Syrian conflict. We create customized data systems for these healthcare providers to improve outcomes for patients. We started with the support of the MIT Media Lab Refugee Learning Accelerator, and are growing driven by our shared vision to empower our patients and physicians with Hikma – Arabic for healing wisdom.

  • person For Patients
    Patients who are displaced and mobile can experience many challenges in getting the care that they need. Patients with chronic illness are especially burdened by lack of continuous care and access to a primary physician. At Hikma Health, with bilingual, customizable, mobile UIs designed with our patients in mind, we are empowering patients by putting access to their own history and their primary provider in their own hands.
  • healing For Providers
    Physicians and allied health professionals working in Syria, the MENA region, and other areas impacted by refugee crises know well the challenge posed by cumbersome data entry and inefficient record-keeping. They also understand the frustrations of being presented with an incomplete record of their patient’s care. With streamlined workflows and minimalist, intuitive systems that sync seamlessly, Hikma Health allows providers to optimally personalize care for each patient.
  • group_work For Organizations
    Organizations working with Hikma Health can expect increased operational efficiency, and reduction in costs due to improved preventative care and optimized resource allocation. Hikma Health allows NGO professionals to access to structured clinical and operational data across sites, summarized at site, regional, and global levels.
We are proud to partner with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). SAMS is a US-based 501(c)(3) delivering free healthcare to millions of refugee patients across the Middle East and Europe. We are developing a customized health data platform to support the life-saving work of SAMS providers by providing a tool for rapid, data-driven decision making in complex settings.

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Unified patient data management
A comprehensive single system to efficiently record, view, and analyze patient data. Intuitive, simple features reduce data entry burden. Integrated analytics optimize patient and clinic management.
Online & Offline
Offline capability enables continuous use in settings with variable network access. Easily handle network interruptions with fully operational offline mode and automatic syncing when online.
Dynamic Treatment Forecasting
Predictive models offer a longitudinal view of patient prognosis, and support personalized therapy by providers. Enable patients to optimally meet therapeutic goals.

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