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The Problem

We are currently experiencing the highest levels of displacement on record, with the number of displaced persons projected to exceed 700 million by 2050.


One person is forcibly displaced every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution, equivalent to 37,000 people fleeing their homes every day.

  • Healthcare delivery for displaced populations is fragmented, uncoordinated, and under-resourced.

  • Under acute conditions, populations are disconnected from health care providers, and humanitarian organizations have difficulty tracking rates of disease and the amount of equipment/medications they need to order.

  • Under protracted conditions, chronic illnesses get worse because they go under treated and preventable complications occur too often.

  • As of now, health data management systems are not designed to support low resource settings - and need to be adaptable to these increasingly common conditions.

Our Solution

We partner with organizations around the world providing free healthcare to millions of refugees to create custom health data management systems for them to improve their patient outcomes. Our end-to-end integrated platform is specifically designed to fit the needs of under-resourced settings, including multilingual functionality and online-offline syncing. We leverage cutting edge technologies to create personalized predictive models, and empower physicians and care providers with the data they need to improve outcomes for their patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.


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