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The Problem

The UNHCR estimates that there are nearly 69 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide, 25 million of whom are refugees and 40 million of whom are internally displaced. The Syrian crisis alone has displaced over 12 million people, of which 5 million have become international refugees.

Refugee communities often experience uncoordinated healthcare due to limited resources. As a result, chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension are under-treated. Preventable complications occur too often. Clinicians who treat these patients have little to no recorded medical history or data to inform their practices, resulting in an inefficient, ineffective system of care.

In these populations, patient data is rarely available to clinicians, and is almost never organized or secure. The lack of structured and secured data in these populations leads to poor health outcomes for patients suffering from chronic diseases.


Our Solution

We partner with organizations around the world providing free healthcare to millions of refugees to create custom health data management systems for them to improve their patient outcomes. Our end-to-end integrated platform is specifically designed to fit the needs of under-resourced settings, including multilingual functionality and online-offline syncing. We leverage cutting edge technologies to create personalized predictive models, and empower physicians and care providers with the data they need to improve outcomes for their patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.


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