Press Release: Hikma Health Releases Mobile Application


SAN JOSE, CA (August 30, 2019) — Hikma Health has officially released its mobile application software, available to the public, free and open source. The technology empowers clinics and physicians anywhere in the world to collect and analyze essential information about their patients efficiently and securely.

This software is the first free and open source mobile app to offer online-offline sync for secure health data. This feature is specifically designed for clinics and physicians in under-resourced settings with variable network connectivity to be able to leverage modern health data software. For example, a mobile health clinic serving a population of refugee patients will be able to easily and securely collect their patient’s information.

This mobile application is the first product released by Hikma Health, putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of physicians caring for refugee patients. The app went through two development cycles this year, led by Hikma Health CTO Erik Grueter, integrating efforts from engineers, designers, and physicians. 

“We made it open source so that anyone can modify it to better suit their particular needs, but out of the box it will work for diverse use cases,” said Hikma Health CEO Senan Ebrahim. “We are excited to see its widespread use in the field, from mobile van clinics to low-bandwidth refugee camps to remote clinics around the world.”

Hikma Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with nonprofit organizations providing healthcare in underserved and refugee populations. The organization creates customized data systems for these healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes in addition to analyzing health data to support the delivery of personalized healthcare to refugees. Connect with Hikma Health at

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